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14th Knoxville Film Festival (Official Selection, World Premiere, Knoxville, TN, USA)
25th Raindance Film Festival (Official Selection, International Premiere, London, UK)
10th Bushwick Film Festival (Official Selection, Brooklyn, NY, USA)
28th Tampa Bay Int'l Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Official Selection, Tampa Bay, FL, USA)

Things Break In is an intimate portrait of love and independence in nature. What parts of ourselves can we access when we are free, self sustaining people? The film is set during WWII, a time when women gained autonomy by entering the work force to support themselves and their families. Through the independence of their work, Ida and Rosa find each other. Inspired and protected by the beautiful, innocent gaze of nature, they investigate their sexuality and fall in love.

Starring Tess Harrison and Maria Wilson
Written, directed and produced by Tess Harrison
Cinematography by Seamus Mulligan Ferry
Edited by Vero Vackova
Original score by Osei Essed
Colorist Jedidiah Mitchell
Sound Design Luke Burba

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Maryland International Film Festival
Jerome Independent Film and Music Festival

Starring Jeff Ward (Marvel’s Agents of Shield) and Hannah Whitney (The Lake Shorts)
Set against a dark Vermont winter, Eve and Max struggle with the disappearance of their father. A stop motion animated paper star is the manifestation of his spirit. We see them navigate the space between loss and acceptance, illustrating the intangible experience of death.

Produced by The Lake Shorts (Tess Harrison, Hannah Whitney, Maria Wilson)
Executive Producers, Sam Nelson Harris, Tim and Patty Whitney, Paulina Bendaña
DP, Seamus Mulligan-Ferry
Editor, Sofi Marshall
Associate Producer, Quinn Meyers
Line Producer, Daniel Jaffe
Original Score, Stuart Bogie
“Next to Me” written and performed by Will Harrison
Stop motion animation and design, Zuzu Snyder
Stop motion photographer, Zach Poots
Sound designer, Luke Burba
Sound recordist, Nick Heppding
Art director, Ione Saunders
Color and visual effects, Jedidiah Mitchell

A brother and sister spend a beautiful day on a lake together, getting to know each other in the spaces between childhood and adulthood. Tess Harrison's debut short film received the Best Narrative Short Award at the Napa Valley Film Festival. It premiered at the Knoxville Film Festival in 2014, received a Best Shorts Award of Merit and had numerous US screenings. The film had it’s international premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London.

It’s Perfect Here is one third of the Lake Shorts (link), a project developed by creators Tess Harrison, Hannah Whitney and Maria Wilson. Each director wrote and acted in her short film. The films were produced with a collective micro budget of $3,000 on location in the Adirondacks. Venefica (Maria Wilson) premiered at the Juggernaut Sci-Fi and Fantasy Short Film Festival, recieved two Best Shorts Awards of Merit and had it's international premiere at the Fantasia Int’l.Dummy, Baby (Hannah Whitney) recieved a Best Shorts Award of Recognition and premiered at the Knoxville Film Festival. The Lake Shorts : 2 goes into production January, 2017.

Directed by Tess Harrison
Produced by Tess Elliot, Hannah Whitney, Maria Wilson - The Lake Shorts
Starring Tess Harrison and Will Harrison
Director of Photography, Seamus Mulligan-Ferry
Edited by Matthew Newton

Brokelyn Magazine Premiere (May 2017)

When Jess and Sash rent an Air BnB for a weekend getaway, things start to get weird. Something or someone has trapped them in the pool and they can't get out...

An experimental horror short film shot on the iPhone 6s with Moondog lens and GoPro.

Co written, directed and produced by Colby Day (Blacklist 2017) and Tess Harrison
Cinematography Cale Nichols
Starring Maria Wilson and Tess Harrison
Original score by Chris Ryan
Poster supervisor, Andrew Koyama
Sound recordist, Kevin Santiago
Colorist, Jedidiah Mitchell
Sound designer, Kevin Lee
Shot on location at, West Highland Beach Club