T e s s E l l i o t

T e s s  H a r r i s o n

Music Video  



Password: stars

Maryland International Film Festival
Jerome Independent Film and Music Festival

Starring Jeff Ward (Marvel’s Agents of Shield) and Hannah Whitney (The Lake Shorts)
Set against a dark Vermont winter, Eve and Max struggle with the disappearance of their father. A stop motion animated paper star is the manifestation of his spirit. We see them navigate the space between loss and acceptance, illustrating the intangible experience of death.

Produced by The Lake Shorts (Tess Harrison, Hannah Whitney, Maria Wilson)
Executive Producers, Sam Nelson Harris, Tim and Patty Whitney, Paulina Bendaña
DP, Seamus Mulligan-Ferry
Editor, Sofi Marshall
Associate Producer, Quinn Meyers
Line Producer, Daniel Jaffe
Original Score, Stuart Bogie
“Next to Me” written and performed by Will Harrison
Stop motion animation and design, Zuzu Snyder
Stop motion photographer, Zach Poots
Sound designer, Luke Burba
Sound recordist, Nick Heppding
Art director, Ione Saunders
Color and visual effects, Jedidiah Mitchell