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This Is A Film About My Mother
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Written and directed by Tess Harrison.
Starring real-life siblings Tess and Will Harrison.
Produced by Delicate Powermoves, Frankie Wagner.
Co-producer Marisol Sacramento.
Distributed by Porter and Craig. 

Set against a stark upstate NY winter weekend, siblings Eve and Max reconnect a year after their mother’s death. With wit, patience and a bit of magic the pair are forced to stumble through their grief and practice growing up. 


"The film is a tone poem to grief and loss." Joyce Chopra, writer/director. Smooth Talk, Sundance Jury Winner, 1985.

"... a unique authorial sensibility, and their highly-cinematic imagination is apparent ... the story possesses a promising sense of place and surreal atmosphere" The Blacklist

"I am an absolute fan of the 'eating pizza outside for far too long' sequence" - Kent Marks, Head of Programming, Stony Brook Film Festival

"She gives you permission to be silly, and permission to be wrong." Celine Robinson, writer/producer Law and Order SVU, American Rust (Showtime), Grendel (DarkHorse/Netflix)

"The simplicity illuminated by a real fire, mutual forgiveness and acceptance in the bright flash of tears and faces. Simple but perfect symmetry." Carmen Osada, Witness of Cine, Madrid

Set in Ithaca, New York, real-life brother and sister Tess and Will Harrison play fictional siblings Eve and Max, who reconnect during a stark winter weekend a year after their mother’s passing. The film gently explores the space between childhood and adulthood as the older Eve calls upon her younger brother Max to help her make a documentary about their mother, who made a name for herself as a children’s book author and illustrator. With patience, wit, and a bit of magic, this captivating gem manages to pull a fully realized story out of thin air. A true American Indie.

A feature film written and directed by Tess Harrison.
Starring Tess and Will Harrison.
Produced by Frankie Wagner.
Co Producer Marisol Sacramento.

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